Working towards a sustainable future one poop at a time...

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Why Compostable Poo Bags?

Did you know that some “biodegradable” poo bags take decades to degrade? And even when they do, they degrade into tiny micro-plastics? These micro-plastics are making their way to our oceans and harming our beloved marine life.

Our eco-friendly compostable poo bags are made from cornstarch and starts to degrade within months into natural elements which aren't harmful to the environment. We're here so that you don't have to choose between being a responsible dog owner and helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Join us in our revolution, and let's work towards a more sustainable future...
one poop at a time.

Running towards sustainability, one muddy paw at a time.

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  • 100% Compostable

  • Tie Handle Option

  • Leak & Split Proof

  • Perfect Size for Every Dog

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We are advocates of earth-friendly products. Our bags are made from cornstarch and certified to the highest European standards EN 13432. Did we also mention that they are certified and suitable for home composting?

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