We love our compostable poo bags so we thought we'd try and expand our line of eco-friendly pet products!


Here at FETCH.IT headquarters we wanted to create a compostable wet wipe. Our project began 6 months ago and just like our poo bags we set out on a journey to try and create the best eco-friendly alternative for your pooches. There are hundreds of different plastic based wipes out there and after long muddy walks we needed to find a solution!


So what's so special about our mitts?

  1. They're 100% plant based and compostable.

  2. The mitts are infused with honey and shea butter which cleans and conditions your pooch's coat.

  3. Made specifically for dogs, pH balanced for sensitive fur and skin

  4. Handy tab to twist the mitt round so both sides can be used

  5. Can be used multiple times with a light rinse

  6. Can be used to clean your dog's accessories: collars, leads, harnesses and even our mucky walking boots

  7. Once used, place the used mitt in the compost bin. If there's no compost bin available put in a standard bin. Do not flush.

The packaging is plastic but fully recyclable. Once it's empty, remove the clear plastic seal sticker before placing in your recycling facilities.