When the team from Guru got in touch we couldn’t help but get excited. Their lovely CEO, Lisa told us she wanted to help small businesses and invited us to be part of their monthly postcard collection

later this year. The team over at Guru headquarters of course use FETCH.IT compostable poo bags!


They love our eco-friendly compostable poo bags and wanted to have some bragging rights!


We, of course, said YES! As long time Guru Geeksters, we thought it would only be right to work with them. Coco, founder of FETCH∙IT still twirls every day when she sees her Guru.


We’ve rounded up a couple of reasons why we LOVE Guru Cold Pressed Food.


Cold pressed food is a method of producing complete dog food at lower temperatures. At lower temperatures, the natural ingredients retain their flavour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional value. Guru dog food is as close to a dog’s natural diet as you can get!


So how is it different to kibble?


Guru quickly starts to break down in your dog‘s stomach for easy digestion. After 1 hour of ingestion, Guru pet food is broken down but dry kibble floats and swell inside your dog’s stomach. After 3 hours of ingestion Guru pet food has completely broken down and readily absorbed whilst dried biscuits are still expanding. This can often lead to our pups feeling bloated.


But my dog likes wet food?


Guru can be mixed with water to form a guru mousse! You can also freeze this and make guru popsicles or just have one guru bite with some water for some Guru tea. The possibilities are endless! And if you’re going for a daytrip or holiday Guru also comes in a handy trip chicken bone!


As well as tasty food, they also have delicious treats – fish skins, venison sausages and an all day breakfast. Coco is partial to ALL of them. It’s a paws up from Coco.


Coco will be featured later this year on their monthly postcode together with our FETCH∙IT compostable poo bag logo on the back. Keep your eyes peeled. Click here to purchase your Guru