Earlier this year, we got together with another small business, Dicky Bag to help more dog owners keep our great outdoors green and clean. We've been using our Dicky Bag for over 6 months now so I'd thought I'd give you the lowdown on what we really think!


Why do you need a Dicky Bag?

Are you a dog owner whom loathes at the sight of a dog poo bin overflowing with rubbish and poo bags? Do you like to take your poop home to compost it? Do you often find yourself carrying your dog's poop for miles looking for a bin? Then a Dicky Bag is exactly what you need!

For me, it's been pretty life changing. We go on long hikes on weekends and unless Coco does her business right at the beginning of a walk at a car park I don't see any poo bins for the entire walk sometimes. Some people give the advice of "stick and flick" but dog poo contains parasites and if other animals happen to consume dog poo it can make them unwell.


We have a medium sized Dicky Bag which is great for up to around 2 or 3 of Coco's poops in our FETCH.IT compostable poo bags. There are 5 sizes and a handy size guide on their website which gives you an idea of what size you might need. Once your pooch has done their business, make sure you expel all the air from your compostable poo bag before you tie it up (otherwise, you'll find yourself trying to stuff a bag of air into your Dicky Bag!!) Once it's in, zip it up and you can go along the rest of the walk smell free. I've also used it for putting in my rubbish from walks (food packets, tissues etc) - it's like carrying your own portable waste bin!


The bag itself came with some biodegradable plastic poo bags which for us was a bit of a no no. It also comes with a fragrance disc which can be repurchased but we haven't had to do this yet (also wrapped in plastic). It has a handy carabiner clip so can be clipped to your belt hooks or bag and a handy velcro strap to go around your belt. Upon opening the bag, there's a slit in the lid where you can store some extra FETCH.IT compostable poo bags. The bag design is pretty spot on and I can't think of any other ways I would improve on it.


We loved it so much we have worked with them to make a custom FETCH.IT lid design now available on its own or in our eco warrior bundle. All our custom Dicky Bags are medium sized but if they prove popular we are open to expanding our range.


Happy poop scooping squad.